Using Employees to Promote Your Business

Usually a business’s employees will have more contacts on social media sites than the business itself and as they are designed as social sites, this is hardly surprising however, if a business could make use of the number of friends they have on those sites, a business could become far wider known than it would be by just relying on its own social media friends.

Today there are such things as an employee advocacy program and this is a program that actively encourages employees to promote their business’s brand on their social media sites.

There are now several of these programs available but all of them basically do the same thing and that is allow employees to play an active role in promoting their employer’s brand, on their social media sites, among their friends and of course hopefully the friend’s friends too.

If an employer has a good relationship with their employees, the employees may welcome the opportunity to assist in promoting the business however, if an employer does not have such a good relationship with their employee, a little coaxing may be necessary or an incentive involved in getting their collaboration.

As many of these programs will allow an employer to monitor the progress on the social media sites, in order to encourage the assistance of the employees, they may want to offer incentives for those that do the best job of promoting the business on their social media sites.

Obviously though, the better a business does, usually the better off the employees are too and so many employees will not shun the idea of promoting the business brand, especially as it means no extra work for them, just merely allowing themselves to join the program and then communicate in their usual way with internet friends. If successful in getting their employees to join in a social advocacy program, it can have great benefits to any business.

The reason for this is that today nearly everybody is known to use at least one social media site and so by getting a brand name widely circulating on any one of them, could bring extra customers to the business, customers that may not have known about that particular business, if it was not for the fact that they used social media and were either a friend of an employee or at least the friend of a friend of an employee

. A business should not depend entirely on an employee advocacy program as their only marketing strategy but including it as part of a wider marketing strategy can have greatly improved results and benefit the business greatly.

It is estimated that today, the majority of people that want something, will first turn to the internet to find it and so if they know of a name to look for and that name is yours, your business should improve. Just seeing your brand on a social media site may be enough to make someone go to your site first, before looking elsewhere.